Treble Clef Galtee Stompers Jazz Band Treble Clef

The Galtee Stompers Jazz Band are a bunch of Merry Musicians who get together each Monday at Tod's Bar in Mitchelstown to play the night away to the strains of many Dixieland favourites.
The band plays purely for the enjoyment of the musicians and bar regulars (although we have been known to accept the odd fee paying gig !) and warmly welcomes any visiting musicians who care to ' jam' along.

The band leader is Sean Chamberlain (Clarinet / Sax) , musical director of the local brass band , and he is joined by Christy McCarthy (Trumpet) , Jack Noonan (Bass Guitar) , Tom Atkins (Rhythm Guitar) , Ger Toomey (Trombone) , Pa Cahill (Drums) , Emma ' Ella Fitzgerald' Chamberlain (Vocals).
Regular visitors include Sarah Dewhurst ( Clarinet & Sax ) , Bobby Johnson ( Drums ) , Dick Prendergast ( Trombone / Guitar) , Aisling Lineen ( Trombone / Bass Guitar ) , Ciara Lineen ( Sax ) , Cillian Lineen ( Trumpet) , Cathal Toomey ( Trombone )

So if you are a local , a visitor, or a wandering minstral looking for a session, join in the fun and music with The Galtee Stompers , every Monday night at Tod's Bar.